Who’s Covered Under HIPAA

What does it mean to be “covered”?

If your unit is “covered by HIPAA” it means the HIPAA Privacy and Security Regulations apply to your operations.

You are covered by HIPAA if your unit

  • is a Health Care Provider
  • generates or uses Protected Health Information (PHI) or electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) (PHI and ePHI = medical records)
  • bills to a third party
  • uses electronic transactions

Covered Components at Georgetown University:

  • Self-insured Group Health Plans
  • Medicare Demonstration Project
  • Student Counseling Services (CAPS)
  • ISIS (part)
  • OAUR (part)
  • General Counsel’s Office (part)
  • UIS (part)
  • Risk Services
  • Internal Audit

Code of Ethical Conduct

Georgetown University Compliance Helpline

Jack the Bulldog in a Georgetown striped shirt
The Georgetown University Compliance Helpline is a safe, and anonymous if desired, way to report problems or raise questions or concerns. To access the Helpline, click on Jack or call 888-239-9181