Compliance Network & Resources

Everyone at Georgetown University is responsible for compliance, but certain offices and individuals have special responsibilities.  These compliance area “stakeholders” work in different departments and offices and apply specialized experience and expertise to particular compliance issues and requirements.  The Office of Compliance and Ethics works with these individuals and departments in a network that helps the University identify and meet obligations and provide a number of compliance-related resources to faculty, staff, students and others.

Compliance Resources

OCE and Compliance Area Stakeholders provide a broad range of compliance resources to the Georgetown community, including information, training, and advice about specific topics or situations and more general ethical issues or problems.  In addition, the following key resources are part of the Institutional Compliance and Ethics Program:

  • The Code of Ethical Conduct — the University’s articulation of shared values and expectations.
  • The Compliance Helpline — the University’s “hotline,” which provides a confidential (and anonymous, if desired) mechanism for reporting problems or raising concerns or questions.
  • OCE Consultation — direct consultation with, and advice from, the Office of Compliance and Ethics on matters relating to compliance or ethical decision-making.
  • Referrals through OCE — assistance in determining which person or office to ask about University-related questions or problems.
  • Protection of Minors — registration of programs involving minors and participants in those programs, as well as information and advice on the Protection of Minors Policy.

The Georgetown Compliance Network:

Code of Ethical Conduct

Georgetown University Compliance Helpline

Jack the Bulldog in a Georgetown striped shirt
The Georgetown University Compliance Helpline is a safe, and anonymous if desired, way to report problems or raise questions or concerns. To access the Helpline, click on Jack or call 888-239-9181