The Institutional Compliance and Ethics Program: Excellence through Integrity

Members of the Georgetown University community understand that excellence is our goal, but that true excellence is reached only through means that adhere to the highest standards of integrity.  The University must comply with a wide range of laws, regulations, and policies that govern its various activities.  We are each responsible for doing our part to meet these obligations and to maintain the strong ethical culture we value.  Honest, informed and responsible conduct by faculty, staff and students can help the University avoid most compliance problems.

The Georgetown University Institutional Compliance and Ethics Program promotes compliance and ethical behavior and helps the University manage risk by:

  • assisting faculty, staff and students in identifying and understanding the University’s legal, regulatory and other obligations and commitments
  • supporting the many University offices and individuals who manage specific compliance areas
  • providing guidance on, and a framework for, ethical decision-making
  • providing mechanisms through which questions, and reports of concerns or problems, can be raised and addressed.

The Office of Compliance and Ethics

The Office of Compliance and Ethics (OCE) oversees the Institutional Compliance and Ethics Program and supports and coordinates the many compliance-related activities the University undertakes.

Code of Ethical Conduct

Georgetown University Compliance Helpline

Jack the Bulldog in a Georgetown striped shirt
The Georgetown University Compliance Helpline is a safe, and anonymous if desired, way to report problems or raise questions or concerns. To access the Helpline, click on Jack or call 888-239-9181